Busy busy hosting my weekly show  "wicked wax Jackintraxx" as well as running the label Wicked wax with my ninja and wing man dj St-luke. constantly in the studio and on tour but always ready to go!

Spinning big black discs for over 20 yrs

"I’ve always been surrounded by music, when I was little my dad was running a bar and he brought the djs records home one weekend and we had all week to record onto tape the ones I liked, I was there for days making tapes and thats really where my interest in music started."

Holding weekly residencies previously in Club budda,bar look club look,sky bar glasgow budda Belfast , silver-glasgow m8 magazine nights

tiger-tiger with weekly 1800 people Jackin to the beats provided by Wicked.

All this as well as running and help promote his own nights JACKINTOSH with the wicked white-label brand and now the label Wicked wax trax.

Now touring outside the uk for the first time and truly loving it with Ade Amsterdam 2019 again all booked plus gigs in ibiza in july coming up AND NUMEROUS productions all SIGNED being released this year , its going to be another busy busy one with a major push on from YOUR BOY.