Glasgow born and bred!

Dj and Producer White Label Will totally wrecks the decks and machines on a daily basis with his Jackin House vibes that get you bouncing off the walls.

This guy is constantly evolving the way he produces music and what we love about his style the most is it’s raw, catchy and crisp like a stoned monkey that just dropped acid then put on a pair of roller-skates and sped up a James Brown record after he took a bong hit. (Sorry for the lengthy visual) but if you can imagine the classic jackin house sound with with some blues’y funky old samples and top of the line production

(quoted from house420 magazine artist of the month)

Will has a massive passion for Chicago House music and continues to push forward with new releases & remixes that capture and inspire the true essence of jackin dirty ghetto booty shakin gritty raw House music. While touring around the world, he continues to make music he hopes has an impact on the scene today.

His signature sound of chunky bass driven funky-jackin-disco-filtered House has been his bench mark with the tracks he’s released and the label he started with his wingman leading to the start of his new venture "SOUR APPLE RECORDS".

Wills no nonsense realness shines through in every thing he does and hes not slow in saying exactly what he thinks.